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Open House is a time when all the clubs come together to sell food and promote themselves (AKA do very crazy things).


This year's theme was Green and Gold Rush. We went with Trigun since it has a cowboy feel, even if it's not Californian.

We plan to dress our new food booth in wanted posters of Minna members, cosplayers, and other things.


The booth was dressed up as the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro. The Open House theme was Polywood. Ghibli films are close to Hollywood, right?



The booth was going to be Gundam-themed, but there wasn't enough time to dress it. So, we made a cardboard cutout of a Gundam instead. It's beautiful. (deviantART Link)

  • First year we won "Best Ethnic Food" for our chicken and rice! SOLD OUT OF ALL OF THEM~


The booth was dressed up as the Gurren Lagann to go with the Open House theme.

  • Several people cosplayed characters from the anime. Notable: Annaliese Christman as Kamina. THE COOLEST -- Goofanader
  • We passed out flyers promoting our club with Gurren Lagann slogans. (deviantART Link)
  • We had a Gurren-dan flag. It was beautiful. *makes warbling sounds* -- Goofanader


This year's theme was Journey. Not the band, but going on a journey. Or something like that.

Whatever it was, we decided to go with a Bacanno! theme.

Planned Activities:

  • Booth to look like the Flying Pussyfoot, a train from Baccano!
  • Making a new booth to replace the old, rotting, wooden one.
  • Group Bacanno! cosplay.
  • Performing the Lucky Star/Thriller dance onstage (also as practice for the competition at Fanime)
  • Normal Chicken and rice sale


In 2006-07, the officers decided it would be very cool to follow the Open House theme (theme? there's a theme??? since when??)

The theme was: NAUTICAL ADVENTURES (or something like that)

The club will be going all out with a One Piece theme.


  • A booth re-constructed as the Going Merry.
  • En-masse cosplay
  • Annaliese's pirate flag/windsock
  • Our normal chicken and rice food-for-sale.