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This wiki is an UNOFFICIAL attempt by current and former members to record the history of Cal Poly's Anime Club. This page is not hosted on Cal Poly servers and is not administered by the officers of Minna no Anime. Some events mentioned on this site (all events occuring off of the Cal Poly campus not directly related to preparations for the Halloween Party or Open House) were informal and unofficial social gatherings arranged privately between students, and were not official club activities in any way sanctioned or endorsed by ASI or Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. As a wiki, this site is composed entirely of user-submitted content. As a result, the content of this wiki may not reflect the views of the administrators of this site, the views of the officers or members of Minna no Anime, or the actual history of events as they transpired. Some portions of this site may quite possibly have nothing to do with any version of reality as we know it. Consider yourself warned.