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Wesley Deffenbaugh is a current Business Administration major with a concentration in accounting. He joined the club on Day 0 his Freshmen year, and become engrossed with the club culture that was present and the people he met there. Wanting to contribute to this culture, Wesley became an active participant over his freshman year. Besides his love for anime, he also enjoys hikes, going on runs, and casually games.



Wesley grew up in a household where anime was quite widespread, with with his father being an extremely influential person in his appreciation of the medium. He would heard stories of his father going to the University of Washington's computer lab in the 80s to watch bootleg VHS tapes of notable anime series and films such as Akira. When he was around 10 years old, he would start watching anime with Shounen classics such as Naruto and Bleach, but would discover lesser known anime such as Blue Gender and Sousei no Aquarion through his dad. Wesley would watch anime on an array of streaming sites such as YouTube up until his last year of Middle School, where he discovered Fansubs and seasonally airing anime. Through these developments, he would discovered more "elitist" shows such as Tatami Galaxy, which would shape his anime tastes to the current day.

Current Tastes

Wesley's current tastes in anime are best described as quite random, which leads to him consuming anything that he is remotely interested in. This had lead to him having an extremely high number of shows completed. Another thing notable about his watching habits is that he will find things that are exceedingly random, ranging from obscure OVAs from the 80s to popular shows that are currently airing. However, Wesley still has a soft spot for shows that are more "elitist" in nature and tends to appreciate them greatly. Currently, his favorite anime is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which happens to be the only "10" on his MAL.

Contributions to Minna no Anime

- Pioneered the idea of show reveals with Kellen Dobson by making videos that revealed a years anime in a unique way.

- Helped coordinate the first ever Anime of the Decade awards show in 2019-2020, and the subsequent Anime of the Year awards show in 2020-2021.

- Converted both Anime Eyes and Anime Trivia into a format that would be accessible to people during the Carona Panic.

- Helping the club transition to an online format in the wake of the Carona Panic. This included Wesley encoding eight episodes of anime each week, with which he would upload to a Google Drive that the club would share.

Officer Positions

2019-2020 Event Coordinator
2020-2021 Event Coordinator
2021-2022 President

Trivia he's known for

- Having a MAL of over 1,000 completed anime: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Woonoo

- Hosting the meme competition during Fall 2019 in the absence of Isaiah Chavez. Was then fired from the position.

- Being addicted to Anime Music Quiz, or AMQ.

- Having extremely irregular eating habits. This consists of "foods" such as raw pasta, frozen waffles, and a non-alcoholic cocktail that he and Conrad Kinsey made when they were both younger than 21. This cocktail consisted of every edible liquid they they could find besides that which contained alcohol. Reportedly, it did not taste too good.

- During the Carona Panic of 2019-2020, he interacted more with the AMQers from Animage than he did with members of Minna.


"You should take advantage of me."

What Others Say

"If you play AMQ with him, you will lose" -Conrad Kinsey

"Ditto to Conrad. It is highly entertaining to watch though." -Hannah Wilkins

"Can it, tiger shark" -Shawn Budwal