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The fool who realized why the Wasabi challenge (see challenges) was banned, just to do it again 2 quarters later. He was known for editing the wiki before becoming a scribe, which caused some annoyance for the scribe of the time. After becoming an officer, he turned into the unsleeping mod. This was due to his nocturnal sleeping habits resulting in him being the only mod on Discord late into the night. He was sometimes also seen on in the mornings due to not sleeping. Some came to wonder if he ever sleeps. Sometimes he edits the wiki during this time (like right now). He is also known for strange eating habits, such as exclusively eating instant ramen and oatmeal for 2 months during summer 2019. One meal of note contained: Top Ramen, Lemon Heads, soy sauce, and Mini-Wheats all mixed into one bowl. He ate half and then stopped his 2 month-long streak of ramen eating.

Officer Positions

2019-2020 Scribe
2020-2021 Scribe
2021-2022 Scribe


"It is a pain I would wish on no-one; unless I get to watch the suffering." (in reference to the wasabi challenge)

"I do indeed sleep, it's just a little later than most people... and maybe not as long"

"Yes, I write about myself in the third person on the wiki. No, it's not too late to work on the wiki. It's only 6:30 [am] right now."

"It's not the next day until you go to sleep, that's how time travel works."

"Have you ever had a burrito smoothie? Would not recommend."

"You always need Yuri in your life" (in reference to Doki Doki Literature Club)

"Spaghetti is like AMQ."

"If an author includes fanservice, it is because they are insecure about their work."

"Male to male wires rarely come out of the closet. At least, if mine are any indication."

"Writing a fantasy book is just playing DND by yourself"

What others say

"Conrad = Deadass Headass" -Isaiah Chavez

"Why doesn't Conrad do his job?" -Ryland Takayesu

"Man adds liquid salt to his salt" -Isaiah Chavez

"The unsleeping mod. Does his job well." -Hannah Wilkins