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Enjoys abridged series and fanfiction. She is well known as the officer who would eat chili powder straight from the jar at Goshi's, which is not quite a challenge, but it should be. She is the self-proclaimed "lizard queen" and regularly posts pictures of her beauties. She almost never loses due to her superior skills in all fields of significance. Though she is tech illiterate, her literacy in other fields has been proven through the many fanfics she reads.

Officer Positions

2019-2020 Treasurer
2020-2021 Treasurer
2021-2022 Treasurer


"Whomst the fuck?"

"Nani the fuck?"

"Did you know I'm Jewish?"

"What did that bitch do now?"

"Whom'st the fuckv'st?

"I am the lizard queen after all."

"Pathetic. Suck my whole dick."

"Yes it is. I need the fragile white anime waifu boys to understand my opinion of them."

"Decisions were made." (To imply that she does not **agree** with said decisions)

What others say

"Did you know she's from Berkeley?" -Conrad Kinsey

"You only read the manga and you accuse people of being sexist a lot" - Kaela's brother

"Wait, who's Kaela?" -Dylan Winick