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A look at the school year Pre-1995
Pre-1995 Pre-1995 1995-1996

Not much here yet, any info about the prehistory of the club I can find will go on this page. Years we find definitive information about will be created.

If we can get ahold of the original club charter Ben mentioned once, that would be awesome.

According to Michael Whipp, Yoshiko Tachibana became the club advisor in 1991.

Minna no Anime a.k.a. Cal Animage Iota?

So it would appear. I discovered the Evergreen Anime site linking to us from here[1] along with other clubs once/still in the Cal Animage network. A little more digging under that name reveals sources[2][3] saying that Cal Animage Iota (SLO) was founded in January 1992 by Scott Mucci. This is very close to our previous estimate of when we were founded (sometime in 1991). I caught up with Scott on Facebook and he confirmed that he was the person mentioned, but I haven't heard back from him about anything else. --MikeWhipp 14:56, 4 June 2009 (PDT)

Email From Ron Neal

From: 	Ron Neal <rogan@*****.net>
To: 	lupin (at) ****************.com
Subject: 	Re: WWW Form Submission
Date: 	Tue, 20 Apr 2004 17:12:40 -0700

Yes, the address still works.

I believe I held the office in 1995. Dan Chu was the Treasurer, and Ed 
Jajko was VP (He was the former Pres. before me)  Bob Mathews was 

It all started when I was bored, bummed out, and needed some cheering 
up. I had seen a flyer for the local anime club and decided to drop in. 
I forget the name of the hall, but I used to call it the Turret. It's 
located on the west edge of the main campus, right up the road from 
Mustang Village.

Needless to say, I was blown away by the fact that this little club had  
access to a state of the art Lecture hall with stadium seating,  
overhead projection tv, and computerized multimedia control center.  
Unfortunately, we were watching such quality anime as "Root Search" and  
really bad Viz dubs of Ranma 1/2.

Back then, there was no DVD. It was a proposed standard that many  
people in the Laser Disk camp were poo-pooing due to the lossy mpeg  
compression, and the fact that their album sized LD would not FIT, let  
alone WORK with the proposed devices. Gen-Locks were expensive hardware  
that plugged into Amigas, and let Fan subbers put out some kick-ass  
quality subtitles that were far more accurate than the few pirated  
subtitled Anime we could get through shady connections who had shady  

Anyhow, when I thought things were just going to get worse (Ed had  
shown us his copy of The Ultimate Teacher, and some people wanted to  
show Urotsu Doji <sp?>) In walked Danny Chu with a bunch of Anime he'd  
collected. Danny was our Golden Boy, he had connections to people in  
Japan who weren't pirates. He'd actually BOUGHT most of his tapes, and  
he knew Fan subbers who made quality subs. We were saved from bad  
tentacle porn, MST3K tapes, and Anime about Cockroach Super Villains.

We watched such wonderful series like Mezon Ikkoku, Kimagure Orange  
Road and Record of Lodoss War. Ranma 1/2 became MUCH better when it  
regained it's asian flavor with subtitles. OAV's like Project A-KO,  
Robot Carnival, and Macross Plus seemed to just fall out of Dan's  
back-pack and into the player.

Jeez, I could go on forever about the club and the things we did. I  
haven't scratched the surface... We participated at Poly-Con, Went to  
the San Diego Comics Convention when Rumiko Takahashi was signing  
Autographs, Sold the infamous tee-shirts, Built, and manned a booth at  
Cal Poly's annual Meet and greet day (Dont remember the name) and Club  
Days. We held auctions for artwork I put together with some of the  
members,  and we even tutored students in basic Japanese -- It was part  
of our charter.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. You can  
probably get info on Bob Mathews and Ed Jajko (pronounce ~YaiKo) through  
the CSC dept. Our Club was sponsored by the Japanese Language  
teacher...Yosiko Tachibana, I took 3 quarters of Japanese from her.   
She would have more input about the club, and perhaps contact info for  
some of us Alumni.

Ronald K. Neal
Rognvalder Sax

Comment from David Demers

I began attending Minna No Anime meetings while still attending Cuesta College. This would have been early 1993. I can't remember who was president or any of the other officers of the club except the founder was an architecture student. The earlier meetings had more typical fare like Akira and Project A-Ko. One meeting which sticks out was the showing of several episodes of Teki wa Kaizoku. Not a very good show and earner of the moniker, "Pirates In My Pants". Summer of 1993 is when Ed Hunter who I'm not even sure was a Cal Poly student began bringing Ramna 1/2 tv shows, OAVs, and movies. He had an extensive and current laser disc collection and screened Porco Rosso, Yuyuhakshou, Video Girl Ai, etc. He usually distributed a plot synopsis newsletter at meetings. Ed Hunter brought anime to Lee Bougeois' meetings held at a pizza place in downtown SLO. Not Woodstock's but it was nearby. During that time was the famous Minna No Anime shirt design contest. The design chosen was controversial because it wasn't really anime in the strictest sense for back then and the lettering was hard to read. My involvement with the club diminished as a student at Cal Poly the first year but Ron Neal above is correct that Dan Chu supplied much of the material shown at meetings back then. Minna No Anime and Poly Ink were fairly close during 1993-1997. Sometimes more so than others. We ran ads for Minna No Anime meetings in the comic book we produced and one of our artists parodied the t-shirt debacle mentioned above. Scans for all of this can be posted if there's interest. More info as memories become dislodged but the time at Cal Poly was overall a great 4 years and Minna No Anime provided a fair share. --David Demers (kanshou)

  • Note: Rumiko Takahashi appeared at the San Diego Comic Con in August, 1994[4]
  • Rumiko Takahashi also did a limited signing at a Dr. Comics and Mr. Games in Oakland on August 7, 1994.
The ticket to the Rumiko Takahashi signing. (August 7, 1994)
Rumiko Takahashi's signature. (August 7, 1994)