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Editing Your Own Page

Unlike most Wikis, we encourage you to edit your own entry. Please obey the following simple rules.

  • Where possible, keep your contributions in their own section and in the first person.
  • Editing objective third person sections to correct inaccurate biographical information is allowed. Use your better judgement.
  • Editing subjective, attributed third person sections is discouraged. If you feel you must do this, please defend your actions in your article's discussion page, and be aware your change may be reverted by the moderators.

Be Biased, But Be Fair

Cal Poly East Asian History Professor Dr. Andrew Morris once said, "I don't pretend to be unbiased. I am human, and humans are biased by nature." [1] Though many try to hide it, all historians have a bias in their writing.

Here you don't need to hide your bias, but let's try to be biased fairly instead of fairly biased.

  1. See his page for the full story.

Being Fair

  • Make your statements of opinion in the appropriate section, listed below.
  • No flame wars here. Make your biased statements of opinion without being inflamitory. Keep swear words to a minimum.
  • A lie is not a bias, it's just a lie.
  • Always write your signature (--~~~~) when you make a statement of opinion.
  • If you can't be fair, you get silenced. Moderators exist for a reason.

Sections for your statement of opinion

  • For an anime show, put your opinon in a "Member Review" section
  • For an event, put your opinion in a "Member Feedback" section
  • For another person, put your opinion in a "What Others Say" section
  • Personal stories have bias by nature. Just remember to write your signature to the story.

Uploading Images

Feel free to upload images, with the following caveats:

  • Keep the image size 1600x1200 or below and the file size under 2MB as much as possible.
  • Space is limited, so pick a few significant images per topic. Galleries belong elsewhere.