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This is all you need to know about our club logo.

Brand new look for 2006

This is the Minna no Anime club logo. Unfortunately as of right now, the original creator remains unknown. But this logo has been used from at least 1995 when the first T-shirt design came out, and has been used as a breast logo on all t-shirts except for the 2005-2006 T-Shirt.

Update: Oh, to be a living fossil. I (Ron Neal) designed the logo for Ed Jajko back in Pre-history. The Logo was actually created AFTER the infamous first totally non-anime tshirt. It was created in Aldus Freehand. The Japanese characters were created in Fontographer for easy replication and portability.

In 1999, Ben Leinweber created the MNA logo file that was used on all the T-Shirts from 1999 to 2002. Apparently he didn't copy the files to the officers after taking off to Japan the next year, and Nur Monson had to rebuild the file. At that time, the bottom text which reads "Cal Poly Anime Club" was flipped around (probably on accident) so that the bottom of the text was facing inwards. Before that it was previously facing outwords.

A proper format of the file again seems to have been lost and Ben remade the file in April of 2006. When he did so, he decided to keep the change that Nur made to the logo. He also updated the font of the logo to look more like proper writing. (This has yet to get approval by the current officers).

In 2010 fall quarter, Cal Poly changed their policy on the use of the name "Cal Poly". They required items that had the college's name on it and that were to be sold to be created at a licensed vendor. MnA, not being as rich as the other clubs, decided to simply remove the words "Cal Poly Anime Club" from their T-shirt logos and use the school year instead.

Download the files

The files were orriginally made in FreeHand 8, but they have been exported to various file formats for whatever use you may have.

Logo With Shadows

MNA Logo-With Shadows.gif GIF

Adobe Illustrator
FreeHand 8.0

Logo Without Shadows

MNA Logo-No Shadows.gif GIF file

PNG file

MNA Logo Wiki.gif GIF file

Old Version

MNA Logo-Old.gif GIF file

Old Version -- Color

MNA Logo-Old-color.gif GIF file