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Minna no Anime club T-shirts show you are a proud member of this club!

History of the T-Shirts

The first T-shirt we still have record of was designed and printed by Jann Fabrin in 1995. Yang, a member of PolyInk as well, was a gifted artist, and drew the "Knight of Gold" T-Shirt, seperations and all. These seperations are still in the posession of Minna no Anime officers. The design was taken directly from a promotional image for Five Star Stories. The next year Jann started the t-shirt contest, and also instituted the rule that there would be no copyrighted images allowed.

Former presidents Ron Neal and Josh Holmstrom have mentioned that while there were no shirts for the 1994-1995 year, there were shirts before this. If anyone still has one of these, or of any other designs we are missing, we would LOVE to see pictures!

Past T-Shirts

Unfortunately a few T-shirts have been lost to antiquity. But take a look at the ones we do have. Click on the picture to get a better look.

Image Year Artist Description/Notes
MNA 2020 Shirt Design.png 2020 Jonathan Skelly Inspired by Cowboy Bebop, which was shown in club that year.
MNA 2019 Shirt Design.png 2019 Andrew Harris Inspired by Tatami Galaxy, which was shown in club that year.
Tshirt2018.png 2018 Katie Whelan Inspired by Mob Psycho 100, which was shown in club that year.
2017.png 2017 Andrew Harris Inspired by Tokyo Godfathers, which was shown in Fall quarter for the finals movie.
Tshirt 2016.jpg 2016 Paul Guzman TBA
Tshirt 2015.png 2015 Emily Mullins All going according to plan.
Tshirt 2014.jpg 2014 Jessica Freitas House Minna. Anime. For Everyone.
Tshirt 2013.jpg 2013 Jessica Freitas Minna no Yakuza!
Tshirt 2012.jpg 2012 Phyllis Douglas Design by Brandon Chow, drawn by Phyllis Douglas. Little apps representing motifs, themes, and fandom-related items of anime come together to make the "Minna" kanji.
Tshirt 2011.jpg 2011 Phyllis Douglas The idea was provided by Andy Richardson. The shirt shows how no matter what kind of anime we show in club (moe or action), everyone can enjoy Minna no Anime!
Tshirt 2010.jpg 2010 Brian Bathe TBA
Tshirt 2009.jpg 2009 Phyllis Douglas A boy with a scythe jumping through the night sky, prepping to swing his mighty blade.
Tshirt 2008.jpg 2008 Erika Peterson TBA
Tshirt 2007.jpg 2007 Annaliese Christman TBA
Tshirt 2006.jpg 2006 Max Noda A classy looking high school girl in a blue and white uniform. She is saying "Minna to ikou!" which translates to "Let's go with everyone!" The character for "Minna" is prominently displayed in the background. Printed on a black T-shirt.
Tshirt 2005.jpg 2005 Mark Valenzuela A serene image of a goddess at night. The moonlight clearly shows a lake that she is hovering over. The character for "Minna" is carved into the moon. Printed on a black T-shirt.
Tshirt 2004.JPG 2004 Toby Wilson The yellow and orange theme add to this serene windy Fall scene. Mapple leaves fly about and her long scarf flutters beautifully in the wind. The characters on the side read "Minna no anime". Printed on a white T-shirt.
Tshirt 2003.JPG 2003 David Ho A young samurai woman holding both a katana and a kodachi. The flowers in the background and on her kimono, and her slightly embarrassed look hide the lethal power she wields. The red characters on the right read "Minna no Anime" and the characters on the left is Dave's Chinese name. Printed on a white T-shirt.
Tshirt 2002.JPG 2002 Nur Monson A light hearted witch has converted her broom into a large brush, and is showing off her calligraphy skills by drawing the "Minna" character on the T-shirt behind her. Due to a mis-communication with the printers, the Minna no Anime logo on the front of the shirt was printed extra large, and centered on the shirt. Printed on a white shirt.
Tshirt 2001.JPG 2001 Kristin ? Kristin tries to embody the spirit of "Minna" in this shirt by drawing not one but three distinct characters: an honorable samurai in a protective stance, a mysterious high elf, and the profile of a timeless female anime character. The blue and white theme adds an air of cool seriousness to the characters. Blue characters to the right read "Minna no Anime". Printed on a black T-shirt.
Tshirt 2000.JPG 2000 Nick "Singe" Bousman This shirt also captures the meany of "Minna" by displaying the crew of a battle ship light heartedly posing in front of their vessel. The image is most like inspired by Nadesico which was shown the previous year. Nick also drew himself among the crew. He's the one on the right. The green text across the top reads "Minna no Anime". Printed on a dark Grey T-Shirt.
Tshirt 1999.JPG 1999 Nick "Singe" Bousman A sorceress in in the middle of casting a powerful spell. The spell's aura bath's her and her dress in a blue pool of light. She has her eyes closed to use her sixth sense to find her target. The characters to the right read "Minna no Anime". Printed on a white shirt. However, Nick told the officers the next year that he would not let them ruin another of his designs by putting it on a white shirt again.
Jann-Knight1.jpg 1997? Jann Fabrin The image of a Knight in shiny full plate armor, bowing. In the background is the large profile of an elf maiden, slightly saddened. Perhaps she is sending the knight out on a quest that will lead him to his doom? Printed in black and white on a white shirt. The date of this shirt has not been confirmed. This image was obtained from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine[1]

Knight of gold shirt.gif 1995-1996 Jann Fabrin The Knight of Gold from the Five Star Stories. This was the only shirt we know of that broke copyright laws. This is not an actual photo of the T-Shirt but a recomposition made by scanning in the film positive separations and then combining them together on the computer. Printed on a black T-shirt.
Tshirt 1993.jpg 1992-1993 Raymond? The very first Minna no Anime shirt. According to Karl Loeffler, the artist was a ~14 year old high-schooler named Raymond. We believe this is the 'infamous' shirt mentioned by Ron Neal and David Demers on the Pre-1995 page. Not a photo of the actual t-shirt, but of a press proof still in Karl's possession.

T-Shirt Contest

Every year Minna no Anime holds a T-Shirt contest and its members vote on the various designs that are submitted. Usually, the contest is held sometime in late Winter Quarter or early Spring Quarter in hopes that the T-Shirts may be printed before Open House. This way we can all proudly wear and show our new shiny T-Shirts off to all the potential new members!

T-shirt Contest Rules

The rules have reverted starting the 2012-2013 year.

  • You can use up to 4 colors with your T-shirt color being an additional 5th color. Link to Shirt Colors
    • Make sure that the edge of your image is the shirt color.
  • Submit as many entries as you like!
  • No licensed/copyrighted characters, please~
  • There must be the club name on the shirt somewhere ("Minna", "MnA", or "Minna no Anime" in Japanese and/or English)
  • Design dimensions: 12" width x 15" height

If you win, you get a free shirt and bragging rights! Submit your winning entry as a .psd to an officer.

2010-2012 T-Shirt Contest Rules

  • Submit as many entries as you like!
  • No licensed/copyrighted characters, please~
  • There must be the character "minna" from Minna no Anime, the words "Minna" or "Minna no Anime", or "Minna no Anime" in Japanese in your design.
  • Make your background color in your picture the shirt color you'll be using.
  • Send your entries in .psd format and at 300dpi to president@minnanoanime.org or give it to one of the officers at club before the deadline.
  • Shirt Color: White (DTG Printing)
    • You can use as many colors as you like in your design!
    • Dimensions: 12" width x 16" height
    • Submission: The colors can be mixed in each layer EXCEPT white - it has to be in its own layer.
  • Shirt Color: Link to Shirt Colors (Screen Printing)
    • You may only pick 4 colors with your T-shirt color being an additional 5th color.
    • Dimensions: 12" width x 15" height
    • Submission: Submit with each layer being only one color.

Winner gets a free T-shirt and bragging rights!

Old T-Shirt Rules

  • You get a MAX of four (4) colors. You can obviously use less, but the max is four.
  • Make your design with a shirt color in mind. Think of it as a free fifth color. try not to make your design on white paper unless you plan on having it on a white shirt. The shirt colors you have to choose from can be found at this page. You can just turn in a design on white paper and choose a different color for the shirt, if you want. It just makes voting easier if everyone has a good idea of how it will look on the shirt.
  • Ok, you don't need color separations unless your design is chosen. If your design is chosen, you will then have two weeks to get your seperations done for us. For that they need to be finished on a computer, in a relatively high resolution. if you can do it in a vector format that would be ideal, but not required.
  • The designs are due, and will be voted on by the members, during our meeting on the 15th of January (2005). This is the second weekend (and meeting) of Winter quarter. Editors note: This date changes every year.
  • Your design must include some kind of indicator that this is for Minna no Anime. You can use just the "Minna" kanji, "Minna no Anime" in Japanese or Romanji or some combination of them. That shouldn't be too hard.

T-Shirt Prices and Choices

Starting in the 2010-2011 year, Minna started offering other garments to put the T-shirt designs on.

People can choose from ($5 more for non-members):

  • Regular T-shirt ($15)
  • American Apparel Unisex Shirt ($20)
  • Women's Tee ($20)
  • Hooded Sweatshirt ($25)
  • Zipped Hoodie ($30)

People can only get the other garment types during pre-order.

The old pricing for shirts was $13 for members and $15 for non-members.

Recent T-shirts (past 4 years) are sold for $10 and Older T-shirts (5 years or older) for $5.