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As of Fall 2019, Simulnight has begun as a replacement to Simulcast o' the Week due to officers seeing low attendance to simulcasts as compared to the regular shows. They decided to replace it with an extra spot on the schedule and pushed the episodes into 1 night. This is currently held during Minna no Hangout a few weeks into the quarter (in order to get a grasp of which seasonals should be shown). It is still being debated on how this night should be run in the future. One reason is that officers currently select the shows, while voting for simulcasts used to be a membership benefit. The removal of Simulcast o' the Week has therefore also removed this membership benefit. Reducing the incentives to become a paid member.


Quarter Show List
Fall Quarter 2019 Cautious Hero No Guns Life Beastars
Hoshiai no Sora Kabukichou Sherlock Africa Salaryman
Winter Quarter 2020 Somali and the Forest Spirit Koisuru Asteroid Toilet-bound Hanako-kun
Keep your hands off Eizouken ID: Invaded Dorohedoro
Spring Quarter 2020