Phyllis Douglas

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Phyllis Douglas at the 25th Anniversary

Officer Positions

2016-2017 Secretary (Fall)
2014-2015 Club Artist
2013-2014 Webmaster
2012-2013 President
2011-2012 President
2010-2011 Treasurer

What Others Say

The elusive Phyllis is a rare creature, whose presence, much like that of the endangered sea otter, inspires much excitement and flashing of cameras by local tourists.

Phyllis has made many commendable contributions to Minna no Anime, up to and including having her artwork selected for the club shirt design in 2009/2010, designing the club banner, and also designing the Minna no Anime forum banner.

She is stronger than you. -- Ashley Berry

Phyllis is a Tiny Wonder and a Delight to Behold. -- Aniki

When encountered in the wild The Phyllis will use CuteBeam to dazzle her enemies. This is unfailingly SUPER EFFECTIVE.

私を愛してください.... -- xtanukix
私はあなたを愛することができない。 -- Phyllis

"Why are you still here, Phyllis. What are you doing." "Gotta be every position. Gotta collect them all."

Quotations and Other Anecdotes

"Flavor does not make sense to my mouth."

"Fuck you Scott, I'm special."

"Come on, gimme some of that titty action."

Club Art