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#thenextandrewharris (as of 01/12/2018, according to a MNA president that wishes to remain unnamed. We all know who he is...<:))
It is still unknown exactly what his job as Vice President is. He is known by his height, beard that clings to his Irish roots, and being a basketball player in high school. Although only starting anime in high school, he opened a tear in the time-space continuum to conquer many shows. Known as the lord and savior of anime club, he came to us in our time of need. Reigning as supreme being two years in a row, he guides minna through the rough tides of COVID 19. He does so, never once comprimising on quality so as to refine the palette of club as a whole.

Officer Positions

2018-2019 Vice President
2019-2020 President
2020-2021 President


"I saw that shit say Jon's [Redacted], and I clicked on that shit so fast. I didn't realize it was a shortcut until it was too late. Shut my computer down instantly."

“Do you all remember that folklore tale about the guy who used his hair to make a rope that he tied around a turtle to pull him?”

"Imagine having character designs so trash"


What Others Say

"That’s Pirates of the Caribbean!” context: everyone's reply to quote#2

The Dobson Commandments

1. Thou shall attend meetings (unless Smash calls upon you)
2. If thou seeks to become the next supreme being, thou must best him in Smash Bros Ultimate (good luck)
3. Thou must watch Master of None on Netflix
4. Thou must not strike up a conversation with a stranger in an elevator (or restroom)
5. Thou must recognize Hakeem Olajuwon as the goat and refer to him as such
6. Thou must stand in opposition to the zealots of the Michael Jordan cult
7. Thou must recognize Slade (from Teen Titans) as the best anime villain and refer to him as such
8. Thou must read our gospel, Real by Takehiko Inoue
9. Shrug emotes heresy and punishable by ex-communicado
10. Induction must be through baptism in holy water (tears shed while watching Liz and the Blue Bird)

The Dobson Ammendments

1. Thou shall not use linking verbs in general conversation (for example, are)
2. Thou must recognize shmoovin and shmix as words
3. Thou must hype themselves and the squad during competitive activities
5. Thou must compliment the homies
6. Thou must tuck the homies in at night
7. Thou must not mix up though and thou
8. Thou must drop the movie A Ghost Story after the pie scene
9. Thou must rate Hitchcock movies at 7 out of 10
10. Thou is horny even if thou does not admit