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A person of interest that is always looking for a good time and will rarely hesitate to declare shenanigans. Will always try to make others feel better, often by giving words of hope, advice, or by attempting to make them laugh. Known to randomly show up in your living room without an invitation in accordance with the anime friend level chart. He can always be counted on as a friend and will go to extreme lengths at times to make someone feel better. If asked why, he will simply state, "there's a reason why I'm [such an optimist/like this] but its a long story and maybe I'll tell you one day."

He had to ask around for 6 months before getting editing rights on the wiki.

Known as the creator of the Photoshop Battles.

Local Battlefield and Destiny Enthusiast


"Battlefield is secretly a fantasy game, I mean where else can you destroy a tank with a flashbang?"

"I declare shenanigans."

"Stay hydrated hydro homies."

"Don't put that on my wiki page." (in reference to "that")

"Per Audacia Ad Astra"

"Who here isn't drunk enough to be incompetent"

"It was blood"


"why do you guys always think i'm going to do something bad...I mean...bork...wolf noises"

"Definitely BEAT the magician"

"Oh god, [readacted] has become the lizard/snake lady, a subspecies of the cat lady"

What Others Say

"Wait, he has a wiki page?" - Shawn Budwal

"Are you talking to the spirits again?" -Emma Reulbach

"Fastest memer in the west" -Conrad Kinsey


  • Hates the word "extraordinary"
  • Has a "declare shenanigans card" on him at any given time
  • Loves to play battle medic in any game


12 | Strength

14 | Constitution

18 | Defense

08 | Dexterity

16 | Intelligence

15 | Charisma

20 | Wisdom

04 | Sanity

11 | Perception

20 | Luck