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The BIG BREAK, also known as the "Big-Ass Break", is intended to be a time for the members to talk and (maybe) make the club a more social entity.

Most announcements are made during this time, and there are often AMVs and other odds and ends that get shown as well.



In the early 2000s and for an unknown period before, MnA showed two episodes every hour followed by a 10 minute break until the start of the next hour.

MnA shifted to a little break/BIG BREAK (5 min/30 min) format experimentally on October 4, 2003:

Yep, we gave you dinner time. Now you don't have to choose a show to miss
so you can go eat. Also, we hope that with the lights on for a whole
thirty minutes maybe you'll mingle among each other and figure out a plan
to overthrow our current elected officials (El Presidente and me among
other) come spring time and elections and whatnot.

--Ahmad Jamshid "K" Amini in that week's member email

While nominally 30 minutes, in practice the BIG BREAK became closer to 40-45, causing meetings to regularly run 10-15 minutes past the official 10pm end time. When the Cal Poly administration cracked down on after-hours silo use in 2010-2011, club voted to experimentally move to a 4:30pm start time in 2011-2012 resulting in an even bigger hour-long BIG BREAK. The first meeting that tried this was September 24, 2011, and it became permanent a few weeks later when members voted the OK on it.