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A look at the school year 2019-2020
2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
2020 T-shirt Design


Officer picture at Goshi's Fall 2019. Left to Right is:
Jon, Kellen, Shawn, Natalie, Wesley, Kaela, Conrad
President Kellen Dobson
Vice President Jonathan Skelly
Secretary Natalie Lusk
Treasurer Kaela Getz
Webmaster Shawn Budwal
Scribe Conrad Kinsey
Event Coordinator Wesley Deffenbaugh


Time Show Notes
5:10 Little Witch Academia
5:40 Hyouka
6:10 Princess Jellyfish Fall-Winter
Usagi Drop Winter-Spring
6:40 Kyousogiga Fall-Winter
Flip Flappers Winter-Spring
7:05 BIG BREAK (aka diner)
8:05 Serial Experiments Lain Fall-Winter
Princess Principal Winter-Spring
8:35 Made in Abyss Fall-Winter
Haibane Renmei Winter-Spring
9:05 Gankutuou: The Count of Monte Christo
9:35 Cowboy Bebop


Fall Akira
Winter Tekkonkinkreet
Spring Lu Over the Wall




On Ocober 6 2019, the very first Minna no Beach Episode was held at Avila Beach.

Simulcast o' the Week has been replaced by Simulnight

Anime of the Decade was done for the first time with Mob Psycho 100 taking the lead.

Due to Corona panic, officers resorted to holding club meetings online through discord voice and streaming channels. Episodes that would have been normally shown on Saturday were also uploaded to shared google drive folders to allow club members to view the episodes at their own pace.