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A look at the school year 2018-2019
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2019 T-shirt Design


President Brandon Dela Cruz
Vice President Kellen Dobson
Secretary Michael Hendricks
Treasurer David Le
Webmaster Shawn Budwal
Scribe Hannah Wilkins
Event Coordinator Alison Brennan


Time Show Notes
5:10 Simulcast o' the Week
5:35 Kids on the Slope Fall-Winter
Sound of the Sky Winter-Spring
6.10 Rideback Fall-Winter
Spice and Wolf Winter-Spring
6:35 Trigun
7:10 BIG BREAK (aka diner)
8:05 March Comes Like a Lion
8:30 Tatami Galaxy Fall-Winter
Land of the Lustrous Winter-Spring
9:05 Baccano Fall-Winter
Death Parade Winter-Spring
9:30 Psycho Pass


Fall Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Winter The Night is Short, Walk on Girl
Spring Princess Kaguya


Two of the Sound of the Sky OVAs were shown to make up for empty slots in the schedule.

Alternative schedules were run on Open House and Fanime weekends to compensate for lower member attendance.



On April 18th, 2019, the very first "Photoshop Battle" took place. Using an photo of Shawn Budwal, several Minna members photoshopped Shawn into different memes, and the memes were displayed during Minna No Hangout and judged by popular vote to determine which was the best. This friendly competition was set up by member Isaiah Chavez.