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A look at the school year 2014-2015
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2015 T-shirt Design


President Cody Hunt
Vice President Isaac Cameron
Treasurer Jacky Tuking
Secretary Andrew Elliott
Webmaster Nicole Martin
Alumni Advisor Scott Melot
Club Artist Phyllis Douglas


Time Show Notes
5:10 Simulcast o' the Week
5:35 Log Horizon
6:10 Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Fall-Winter
The Eccentric Family Winter-Spring
6:35 The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Fall-Winter
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Winter-Spring
8:05 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
8:30 Kokoro Connect Fall-Winter
Kyousougiga Tail End of Winter, Spring. Started from Episode 1
9:05 From the New World
9:30 The Future Diary


Fall Patema Inverted 12/6
Winter Whisper of the Heart 3/14
Spring Magical Sisters Yoyo and Nene 6/6



  • Dropped a time slot in order to have 10 minute breaks and a 1 hour, 5 minute dinner break. Club starts on Cal Poly time, AKA at 5:10PM.
  • Switched "Fansub o' the Week" to "Simulcast o' the Week" since a majority of anime that come out in Japan are simulcasted. There are few fansub groups that actually do their own translation due to simulcasts, so Minna switched to that format.
  • Librarian/Events Coordinator position was dropped due to the position not having to do too much, no one using the library, and having the person in that position forced to go to Goshi as their event.
  • Club Artist and Alumni Advisor were added to fill in the gap of the lost position as well as help broaden the range of anime available for Halloween Party trivia and eyes.