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A look at the school year 2013-2014
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2014 T-shirt Design


President Andrew Elliott
Vice President Andrew Wang
Treasurer Cody Hunt
Secretary Shannon Berry
Librarian/Events Jacky Tuking
Webmaster Phyllis Douglas


Time Show Notes
5:00 Fansub o' the Week
5:30 Kurenai Fall-Winter
Bunny Drop Winter-Spring
5:55 Waiting in the Summer Fall-Winter
Kids on the Slope Winter-Spring
6:25 A Certain Magical Index
6:50 Binbogami-ga! Fall-Winter, LIVESUB until Week 8
anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Winter-Spring
8:10 Ghost Hound
8:35 Penguindrum
9:05 Guyver (2005)
9:30 Another Fall-Winter
Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales - Ghost Cat Winter, LIVESUB
Mononoke Winter-Spring, LIVESUB


Fall From up on Poppy Hill 12/7
Winter Galaxy Express 999 (Movie) 3/15
Spring anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Movie 5/31
The Cat Returns 6/7, 5:55PM
The Princess and the Pilot 6/7, 8:00PM


Used to fill up time during the year:



  • Switched back to the 5 o' clock start time, but a show timeslot was dropped in order to keep dinner break to about 1 hour.
  • We were going to show Occult Academy, but the officers decided to show Kids on the Slope instead due to split voting.